Document Preparation for Your Travel

Application for a Japan visa

Please note that the VISA on ARRIVAL is NOT available at any airports in Japan.

All citizens who are required to apply for visas to enter Japan must apply in person at the Japanese Embassy or Consulate in their country.

For the onsite participants who have already paid the registration fee, we will prepare the documents for visa application and an invitation letter upon request. Go through the steps below. We expect that it takes 30-40 days to complete the entire process of obtaining a visa. Here you can see the flow chart of procedure by MOFA.

STEP 1. Clarify who needs a visa

Go to the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan (MOFA) to see whether you need to apply for a visa to travel to Japan. For a short-term stay, travelers from 70 countries and regions are exempted from a visa (as of 30 September 2023).

STEP 2. Order the documents for visa application

If you need to apply for a Japan visa, you will need some documents from us. You should select the "visa application" at the option page of the registration for the main conference. Please remember that the preparation for the required documents costs 10,000 JPY per person.

STEP 3. Receive the documents from the organizing committee

We would send the documents listed below to the applicant via e-mail which is used for the registration for main conference. The documents for VISA are valid for 3 months, so we will send the documents for VISA after 2 March.

  • Documents we provide:
  • Letter of Reason for Invitation
  • Itinerary in Japan
  • Letter of Guarantee
  • Other necessary documents

STEP 4. Apply a visa (short-term stay) in your place

You must apply for a visa at Japan Embassy or Consulate General in your country/region with the documents both prepared by yourself and sent by the 15th ICOC organizing committee.

The application must be completed during the period from 2 March 2024 (due to the period of visa validity for 3 months) and 3 May 2024 (due to the duration of preparation at the Embassy/Consulate).

STEP 5. Obtain your visa and travel to Japan

Once you apply, please pay attention to the notification from the Embassy/Consulate and then receive an appropriate visa for your travel. Please remember that you must enter Japan within 3 months after the date of issue.

Letter of invitation

You may need a letter of invitation from us to inform your business trip or leave to your university/insutitute/etc. We would send a letter of invitation in PDF to your email address upon request. The letter carries the information of your name, your affiliation, the conference name, the duration and the venue of the conference, the title of your talk (if applicable), and the name and the e-signature of the conference chair. Please remember that this letter is not valid for a visa application.

If you wish to receive the letter, please select the "letter of invitation" at the option page of the registration for the main conference. It costs 1,000 JPY per piece, and will be issued after 2 March.


If you need any assistance for your visa application and the invitation, please contact the 15th ICOC organizing committee.


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