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Updated on 21 August 2023

The Pre-Conference Workshop is scheduled to start one week ahead of the conference, from 26 to 31 May.

Keynote speakers

写真 Prof. Geoffrey A. Boxshall (The Natural History Museum, London)
Tentative title:Copepod research in the context of sustainable development and climate change

写真 Prof. Yuichi Oba (Chubu University, Japan)
Tentative title:Copepods have changed the marine bioluminescence world

Maxilliped lecture

In preparation


Symposium 1

Evolutionary Dynamics

Symposium 2

Diversity, Ecology, and Evolution of Symbiotic Copepoda

Symposium 3

Non-indigenous Estuarine Copepods: Modes of Transport, Geographic Spread, and Accommodation

Symposium 4

Freshwater Copepods: Redefining Biology, and Unveiling Ecological and Biogeographical Patterns
Symposium Organizer: Prof. Diana M. P. Galassi

In the face of an ever-increasing knowledge of marine copepods, biological, ecological, and biogeographical knowledge of copepods from fresh continental waters is still scant. The decline of invertebrate taxonomy and the lack of adequate molecular support result in the lack of knowledge of freshwater copepod diversity in freshwaters on a global scale. This cognitive gap becomes even more evident in groundwater environments, whose global diversity is still partially known, with severe repercussions on the knowledge of the functional role of copepods in these environments, of their autecology and on the reconstruction of the evolutionary history of current copepods’ patterns from local to the broader continental or global scale. In light of the global groundwater crisis and considering the ecosystem services that copepods provide in both surface waters and groundwaters, a new impetus of the research of the copepods living in these environments is imperative.

1. Unseen, unheard: Uncovering legislative shortfalls and research communication inadequacies in groundwater copepod conservation By Di Lorenzo Tiziana
2. Global patterns of copepod diversity in subterranean and interstitial aquatic environments By Nancy F. Mercado-Salas and Alejandro Martínez
3. Japanese Satoyama landscape and freshwater copepods By Wataru Makino
4. Conservation biogeography of European copepods through the lens of ecological modelling By Francesco Cerasoli and Diana M. P. Galassi

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Diana M. P. Galassi Di Lorenzo Tiziana Nancy F. Mercado-Salas Wataru Makino Francesco Cerasoli

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