Abstract Submission

Presentation types

OnsiteOral (40-46 presentations)
Poster in A0 size (max. 100 presentations)*
*The same poster in PDF can be placed also on the online platform
OnlineOral (20-26 presentations)
Poster in PDF form (no limit)**
**Only for students, and for regular participants who give an online oral presentation

Posters to be placed on the online platform must be prepared ahead the conference. The presenting authors will be asked to submit their posters in PDF to the organizing committee 2-3 weeks before the start of the main conference.

Call for abstracts

abstract submission

Submission form for poster is still open!! The deadline is at 12 AM on 1 March 2024 in Japan time.

Abstract Template File is available here.

Submission steps

  • STEP 1Download the Abstract Template File and prepare your abstract.
  • STEP 2Submit your abstract by clicking the submission button.
  • STEP 3Receive the abstract number from the 15th ICOC organizing committee.
  • STEP 4Register your participation in the main conference from the Registration System.
  • You will need to input your abstract number during the process of registration if you register yourself as a presenting author.

Key dates

Instructions for preparing and formatting abstract

1. Title

Choose Times New Roman in 12 pt, in bold.
Do not capitalize all words.
Use italic and capital letters where appropriate.
Leave two lines blank in 12 pt above the title.

2. Authors

Choose Times New Roman in 10 pt.
Underline the name of presenting author.
Put first name, the initial of middle name if necessary, then last name in order.
Separate co-authors' names by comma.
Put numbers of corresponding affiliations in superscript after the last name.

3. Affiliations

Choose Times New Roman in 10 pt.
Give affiliation information (name of institute and country) for all co-authors.
Put number for each affiliation in superscript at the beginning.
Separate the different affiliations by semi-colon.

4. Keywords

Choose Times New Roman in 10 pt.
Put up to five words in alphabetical order.

5. Body

Choose Times New Roman in 10 pt.
Neither figures nor tables are involved.
Use italic and capital letters where appropriate (e.g., Tigriopus japonicus Mori, 1938).
Text should be ranged 300–500 words.
If giving multiple paragraphs, leave one line blank between paragraphs.

6. Others

Margin-top, bottom, left, and right should be 25 mm.
Title and authors should be aligned at the center, and affiliations, keywords, and body at the left.
Save the file with the name of presentation type and the presenting author (e.g., Oral_Taro_Hirodai).
Proofreading of the text by an English native speaker before submission is highly encouraged.

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