June 2-7, 2024 in Hiroshima, Japan

The World Association of Copepodologists (WAC) organizes an international conference entitled International Conference on Copepoda (ICOC) every three years since 1981.

As we all know, copepods are one of the most important organisms on the earth as prey of commercially important fishes and invertebrates. Copepods are also one of the most socially problematic organisms for aquaculture as pests and for aquatic ecosystems as non-indigenous species. A more accurate understanding of copepods requires comprehensive knowledge from basic taxonomy to its ecology and utilization for fisheries and oceanography. These conferences have played a pivotal role to stimulate students, to get both experts and young generations together, to exchange information among copepodologists of all generations, and to promote future collaborations.

We currently live in the middle of an era where there are a huge number of global-scale problems. Copepods are also reacting to climate changes, being important indices of the ecosystem. In addition, copepods are key taxa in a healthy aquatic food web, which is crucial for a sustainable fishery. In the present conference, let us develop copepodological studies intensively for the Sustainable Development Goals.



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